A question that came up on a sunny afternoon with a beer in hand: How do we bring our damn good food closer to other damn cool brands and people? This is where A Short Term Relationship was born. A quicky, a fling, a month long relationship with artists that we dig.

A short love affair in which both parties benefit from each other. All the pleasure, none of the bullshit. Give aways on Instagram, a burger designed by the artist in collaboration with our chefs and an event at the end of the relationship to celebrate that it was fun while it lasted. 

Are you our next artist? Send us a dm @rotisserieamsterdam or send us an e-mail!


Every artist we collaborate with will get to design their own monthly special with our chefs. This way, we get to combine both our skills and something that'll tickle your palate will come of it.

Available at both boutiques for the entire month the relationship takes place!