Rotisserie Amsterdam

One of the best guilty pleasure bars in town. Known for its juicy spit-roasted chicken, double patty burgers and “turbo cheese fries”, Rotisserie is where it’s at. While hardly healthy, Rotisserie Amsterdam takes the junk out of “junk food” by using the finest quality ingredients and making the everything - yes, even the sauces, pickles and buns - from scratch. 

Our doors are currently closed due to COVID-19, however, you can order your favourite meals from both our locations to enjoy in the comfort of your own home from 16:00 daily.

Beukenplein: Thuisbezorgd | Uber Eats | Deliveroo
De Clercqstraat: Thuisbezorgd | Uber Eats | Deliveroo

For take out , click the link below for how to get a hold of us! 
Our Rotisseries


Due to COVID-19, we've unfortunately had to close our doors until further notice.

However, we've made sure you can order the best cock and buns in town to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home from 16:00 daily! 

Thuisbezorgd  Uber Eats  Deliveroo

De Clercqstraat
Thuisbezorgd  Uber Eats  Deliveroo


Rotisserie's Beats

Curated especially for us by Chef Simon Velez and expressing the lifestyle that is Rotisserie, click below for our very own playlist. 

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Work with us

We're always looking for new boys and girls with energy who bring that special sauce to the table.

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