When we opened Rotisserie in 2015, we had one simple goal: to make delicious food, fast, and make it completely from scratch. From the burger patty to the bun, from the pickles to the sauces—whether it's the mayo or the BBQ sauce—it's all homemade. This is exactly what makes Rotisserie the best damn guilty pleasure bar in town. While hardly healthy, we remove the junk from junk food by using the finest quality ingredients.


Back in 2015, we sensed it was time for a change in the world of fast food. We can't deny that we all love fast food and good food. So why not combine the best of both worlds? Starting with burgers and finger-licking good chicken, we planted our roots on De Clercqstraat in Amsterdam West. We began with thin burger patties made from nothing more than the finest minced beef, a touch of sea salt, and a hint of black pepper.

Best buns in town

Who doesn’t love a good burger? A thin patty made from the finest ground beef or our delicious homemade crispy fried chicken. Topped with pickles, cheddar, tomato, lettuce, jalapeños and some damn good homemade sauce. We are well aware of how many good burgers are out there, but feel we’re allowed to say that ours take the cake. Seriously though, why use and waste a can of pickles when you can make them yourself? We put love into every bite. We rolled with this thought throughout our entire process. From buns freshly baked in our own bakery, to the mayo made from the best Dutch dairy, our chefs know what they’re talking about.

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The salt to your pepper, the Dogg to your Snoop & the Dre to your Dr.: these are the fries to your burger. Fries are sacred. They’re good on their own & they’re good as a side. Bad fries can easily ruin a dish, which is why our buddies at Friet van Zuid supply us with their world class fries, made from gorgeous potatoes from Italy ensuring the quality stays consistent. They need to be amazing, as we serve loaded fries as main dishes!